IMG_2148Welcome to my ePortfolio, tinydeskpress!

This is an interactive multimedia space where I am able to share my experience in academia with others. This is a constant work in progress, much like the growth and evolution of me. Grateful to have the opportunity to attend a liberal art’s college, I embrace every moment of education possible if provided with enough espresso.

Currently studying at Lane Community College, I am working towards earning an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. I have aspirations to earn a double degree in Early Childhood Education and Multicultural Studies before ultimately earning a Master’s of Education.

Born in Eugene, Oregon and raised by my single Mother, my younger sister and I spent many of our formative years moving around as our Mother sought stable employment. Often enough it was my home life that meant going to school hungry, feeling marginalized as the “poor kid” in class and consistently struggling to keep regular attendance.

Despite growing up amidst elements of instability, adulthood has allowed me to understand the importance of defining your character through your own life experiences. I have come to the conclusion that life is what you make it. And for me, this has translated into redefining my experience. I believe that hardship holds the potential to define a person. Therefore,it is not what you experience, but instead it is what you do WITH the experience. Although I have begun to grapple more with my own privilege that facilitates the act of self-actualization. Personally I believe in the intrinsic connection between the work that happens on a personal as well as professional level and have recognized the need for me to re-evaluate my own identity on a regular basis.

So as a future educator, I have chosen to acknowledge my narrative as an opportunity to understand how my student’s home life may impact their quality of education and their ability to learn. These barriers, I believe, are expressed in the classroom setting. With this empathetic insight I will use my experience to navigate a curriculum which considers the external forces that my students may be challenged by. To quote Teach for America, “Education should be a universal right, not a privilege.” I am eager to continue exploring all the ways that children are potentially restricted from academic growth and how to combat these barriers. For me, this has become a life long commitment I am eager to undertake. You may read about some of my academic inspirations and teaching theories within my Academics page.

The documentary by the name of Precious Knowledge really articulates the critical nature of accurately representing students within their curriculum. I encourage you to consider hearing the narratives of marginalized students by either clicking the link above or playing the trailer below. Both will expand on this pedagogical theory more. Viewing this film unquestionably altered my approach to teaching.

As a requirement for completion of the Honor’s program at Lane Community College, this ePortfolio functions as a resume and professional blog. Throughout you will find areas related to my academic as well as personal life. Included will be pages containing previous pieces of academic work as well as reflections pertaining to my professional growth that are related to my college experiences. I have also recently added a page specific to exploring my immediate and future goals. I hope that this space is beneficial in expressing who I am as a future educator as well as a creative individual.


Here I am to the left of the photo during a two-day letterpress workshop at LCC.

Outside of my coursework expectations, I enjoy working on campus as the printmaking and book-binding studio aid for LCC’s art department. This opportunity has helped build confidence in my teaching abilities as well as maintaining a life committed to art. I believe it is this personal connection to creative expression that I will inherently transfer to my students.

I hope you enjoy exploring my ePortfolio and that it inspires you, because you inspire me!


Some of my personal work.


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