Currently studying at Lane Community College, I am working towards earning an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. I have aspirations to earn a double degree in Early Childhood Education and Art or Sociology. Ultimately I hope to earn a Master’s of Education with a social justice concentration, potentially followed by my Doctorate. Grateful for the opportunity to attend Lane Community College, this liberal arts framework inherently supports students in exploring learning form a multidisciplinary approach. By encouraging globally engaged and critical thinking, my academic experience has facilitated genuine inquiry (HON201_H) and has fostered my true love for learning.

It was the first term in college that I began to comfortably grapple more with my own future. This was due to the support and mentorship from my professors, James Gill and Susan Lowdermilk, whom both advocated for the pursuits of my genuine interests. Later along the road I would meet  Dr. Sarah Lushia (WR122_H), whom has become a steady mentor and is a student advocate as well as an expert in her field. Finally, I had the pleasure of taking my first Ethnic Studies class from Dr. Michael Sámano, whom has been an ongoing guide since as I navigate my philosophy as an educator and individual.

The most transformative effect that all these mentors share is their full commitment to providing the space for students to engage in critical thinking and true inquiry. From these professor’s at Lane Community College I have been fully supported in engaging in creative and self-motivated learning, and it is this aspect of their scholarship that I will apply to my own pedagogy in the classroom. With a commitment to developing equality in education, as a future educator I hope to support my own students in becoming innovative, empowered, and collaborative young thinkers. Through creative play and inquiry, I envision translating this love of exploration which has been encouraged at Lane Community College into my future classroom and curriculum.


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