In his Morehouse Student college paper titled The Purpose of Education, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically… Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.” In order to holistically succeed, I find the areas that are most challenging, personally and academically, are often those that require the most time and attention. With the guidance of Dr. King, Jr., I hope to take time to establish intelligence and character enriching goals while reflecting on my personal growth.

In my attempt to do so, I will utilize this space to articulate goals and set personal deadlines. Currently I will be setting goals related to:

  • My career
  • My experience at Lane
  • My overall experience in the Winter 14 Term at Lane
  • Research and ePortfolio goals related to HON201_H

The last two years I have been incredibly grateful to work at Lane Community College as the printmaking and book arts studio aide. In this environment I am able to practice my creative and practical problem solving skills while working with faculty and fellow peers. With school work that competes with my time and a flexible work schedule, this next term I hope to get into the studio during class hours more often. I enjoy being in the classroom during instruction time and active teaching hours. This often provides additional opportunities to assist my Professor as well as her students. In addition, I am able to glean skills from Susan Lowdermilk in regards to her approach to keeping students inspired and self-actualized. As well as Susan, this next term will provide me with the opportunity to work with Tallmadge Doyle while Susan is away for an Artist in Residency position. This means experiencing new teaching styles and printmaking techniques, both something to look forward to while committing to more classroom time spent during my work hours.

Aside from my current career goals, I will be setting goals specific to my time at Lane Community College. During my time at Lane I hope to continue my explorations into topics related to cultural competency and creative thinking. While here I hope to utilize the aspects of my college which first drew me to it and has maintained my belief in this institution. Being a liberal arts college, this framework inherently encourages students to explore learning form a multidisciplinary approach, while encouraging globally engaged and critical thinking. My goal is to fully embrace this aspect of scholarship while attending Lane Community College.

For my overall experience related specifically to Winter Term of 2014, I have the goal to continue developing my skills related to mathematics. As stated previously, I believe the areas in which we struggle with are the ones that need the most time and attention. Therefore, I will be committing to more time spent utilizing the Math Resource Center on campus. Although the skills related to math are not inherent to my learning style, I embrace the logic which I find highly beneficial even outside of the classroom. As Albert Einstein was quoted, “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

Finally, related to my research and ePortfolio, my goals continue to evolve as I am shaped my educational experience. Specific to my research I will be continuing to explore issues related to diversity and creativity. For HON201_H I have the goal of honing my organizational skills and working on my tendency to over articulate in my writing in order to develop my scholarly research related to my field of study. With my ePortfolio, this term I will be expanding my academic works, as well as this goals page. As part of the Honors completion requirements, I will continue to develop my ePortfolio in preparation for my graduating date.








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