List of Works

Group Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography is essentially a compiled and organized list of scholarly sources that are referenced within academic research. HON202_ Capstone Seminar required a Group Annotated Bibliography to be completed with each member contributing five sources relevant to our topic. This course requirement facilitated us in developing a stronger sense of direction within our inquiry, specific to Housing First. Conducting research within a 10 week term is a challenge, yet with an Annotated Bibliography we began the process of translating the research we had individually conducted into a more cohesive, tangible product.

Through collaborating on this aspect of our research project, my group was provided with the opportunity to craft and reflect on our sources of information. Based on our findings, we began hedging our inquiry and narrowing our research in order to fill gaps within knowledge. Through this process my group was encouraged to fully explore our developing claims while addressing the need to consider our audience and explore counterarguments, all essential elements for developing ethical scholarly and effective research. I hope you enjoy our collective findings and feel inspired to learn more about Housing First, the movement that my colleagues and I elected to research over the course of Spring Term 2015!


Oregon State Universities Honors College Thesis Fair

HON202_Capstone Seminar provided the opportunity for our class to visit Oregon State Universities Honors College Thesis Fair. Our groups had been developing our research and we were nearing the Symposium. In preparation for presenting our work, the OSU Honors College Thesis Fair visit gave me a larger understanding of ways to present my research and engage our audience. Talking with the presenters was highly effective in enriching my understanding of the motivation, process, and findings within the students’ work.

Aside from the presentation take-aways, this experience was my first time visiting a 4 year college as an undergraduate hoping to transfer. Hearing from and talking with the representative for OSU Honors College admissions I was able to expand on my vague understanding of transferring from Lane Community College to a 4 year campus, as well as the academically enriching benefits of an Honors option when transferring. This experience was both exciting and enriching and I am grateful that Lane’s Honors Program has integrated this feature and trip into the class.


Capstone Seminar Spring Symposium, 2015

The opportunity to present my undergraduate research with a small cohort of Honors Students has been an opportunity that, without the program, my experience at a 2 year college would be missing. After three months of intensive group collaborative research, my peers and I were able to share our research and inquiry with the public and our community, while making recommendations based on our findings to enact change. This opportunity and aspect of the Honors Program has really solidified my belief that I have been supported in entering a scholarly community, something I had never considered prior to Inquiry, while unable to foresee how my academic curiosity and drive would come together. Please read further to hear my reflective piece on how I interpreted my work with my peers, which you will find within my Final Reflection.

Read here to explore our PowerPoint and here to read my contribution to my group’s final piece.

Final Reflection

Meta-congnition is what I have come to believe what drives the Honors Program at Lane Community College. Through reflection, I am provided with an opportunity to re-evaluate and critically observe both my approach and outcomes within academia. Reflecting on my learning process creates opportunity for me to develop intellectually and personally, and as I have stated earlier within my ePortfolio, I believe in the intrinsic connection between my own internal and external learning experience. Please read my Final Reflection to hear more about my personal experience within Honors Capstone.





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