List of Works

Annotated Bibliography

Reflection on Annotated Bibliography

The process related to compiling my Annotated Bibliography has been transformative in terms of my research. As part of Lane Community College’s Core Learning Outcomes, critical thinking is said to be, an evaluation process that involves questioning, gathering, and analyzing opinions and information relevant to the topic or problem under consideration.” Specific to my own line of inquiry, compiling this Annotated Bibliography worked toward this goal by teaching me the process of qualifying and understanding my sources, knowing my audience, developing counter claims and discovering gaps in my own knowledge as well as revealing gaps in academic scholarship related to my field of study.

Scholarly Biography

Reflection on Scholarly Biography

Conducting a scholarly biography was a challenging yet ultimately highly rewarding course expectation. Through this assignment I worked toward the Core Learning Outcome (CLO) “Engage diverse values with civic and ethical awareness,” which states, “Engaged students actively participate as citizens of local, global and digital communities.” By conducting an interview with Dr. Michael Sámano I was able to engage with him and gain access to what he considered to be his scholarly community. We explored issues related to Dr. Sámano’s own mentors, the “imminent scholars” within the field of Sociology and Ethnic Studies, I discovered new types of research I was previously unfamiliar with and I established a greater understanding of a scholar I admired.

Final Reflective Essay

Reflection on Final Reflection Essay

This process of reflecting on a reflection, although seemingly meaningless, I feel really displays the meta-level cognition that the Honor’s program and Invitation to Inquiry encourage. By reflecting on the process related to my growth and development over the term of Honor’s Reserach, I have been able to recognize my areas of strength as well as gaps in skill and understanding. Through reflection I have identified the ways in which these types of course expectations are related to my larger goals. This process personalizes my college experience, extending past the classroom.





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