My Teaching Philosophies

As a future educator, I hope to facilitate students in becoming innovative, creative, and compassionate young thinkers. It was Albert Einstein who once said, “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Throughout my academic journey, this for me has personally meant that I must explore how I will engage my students ways which will develop their competency via personal empowerment and therefore, academic success.  As a future teacher who has began to grapple with the barriers that all student’s may encounter in successfully getting an education, exploring ways to ensure all my students are adequately represented within their curriculum has become my priority.

During my time at Lane Community College, I have had the wonderful experience of taking part in a Nationally Accredited Reggio Emilia early childhood education program. This Italian born philosophy is deeply rooted in fostering collaboration and cooperation between students with a focus on long-term projects and student led learning. I value the Reggio philosophy which honors the complexity of the child, which I think inherently supports a multicultural enriched curriculum. Please read this article published within LCC’s student newspaper recently about the program on campus and recent award earned by their work and vision.

Aside from my lifelong commitment to developing my cultural competency, I strongly believe in the importance of art and creative play for children. I am invested in supporting young learners in the process of exploration and discovery. Personally, for me this means re-framing the teacher-student dynamic to follow the interests of the students while actively facilitating deeper cognition.

And sometimes, you have to look to the rural country side of France to discover the hidden meaning of teaching…


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